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RFD Sand Cooler

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Working principle:

As the cooling system starts, its control system first measures the temperature and moisture of return sand to determine rough water quantity accordingly. After return sand entering the cooler, it moves three-dimensionally in “∞” shape at horizontal and vertical directions driven by the blender and wind force. Meanwhile, the water dosing system sprays the determined quantity of water uniformly to the return sand. Water evaporates and carries a lot of heat. The evaporated hot air is exhausted into dust collecting system from the upper part of the cooler. During the stirring and cooling, the temperature and moisture measuring system continuously monitors the temperature and moisture variation of return sand. At the same time, the current of mixing motor is continuously monitored to adjust the position of discharging door so as to keep the sand quantity inside cooler stable. The output sand temperature and moisture is also measured and back fed to water dosing system to adjust water quantity. Thus, output sand temperature is controlled within 40℃ (or ambient temperature +10℃) and moisture is accurately controlled to 2.2±0.2%.

Function:Decrease temperature

Decrease temperature:≤40℃ (or ambient temperature +10℃)

·Control moisture   Moisture:2.0-2.4%

·Premix    Bentonite can be well activated

Efficient control system

·Measure inlet sand temperature and moisture

·Control input sand quantity

·Control current of main mixing motor

·Control water flow

·Measure outlet sand temperature and moisture

·Measure ambient temperature and control air amount of blower


RFD sand cooler

RFD sand cooler is the best cooling equipment for green sand plant now.

As a cooling and premixing equipment of sand plant, RFD sand cooler provides homogenous return sand with stable moisture and temperature to sand mixing system. It brings a lot of convenience and benefits for molding sand control. Thanks to the molding sand of stable properties, casting quality can be guaranteed.


Elements to be considered when choosing sand cooler and designing it in system

Environment condition

·Maximum ambient temperature (average)

·Maximum relative humidity


Return sand condition

·Maximum sand quantity per hour

·Maximum temperature

·Maximum moisture