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RTC online sand test and control device



RTC measures the real time compactibility and green compression strength of molding sand during the mixing process. After comparing with set value and calculation, it adjusts and controls automatically the filling quantity of water and bentonite to realize real time control of molding sand quality. At the same time, RTC will record automatically related process data and equipment fault diagnosis for long term so as to provide process staff with correct information for process analysis and also provide maintenance staff with equipment operation status record and fault diagnostic report.


Benefits of RTC:

◆ Filling quantity of water and bentonite is adjusted automatically according to real time measured compactibility and green compression strength. It overcomes the bad or unstable molding sand property resulted in adjusting water and bentonite by experience, and also overcomes the delay of manual adjustment.

◆ The operation of mixer is controlled by RTC, which avoids the damage of molding sand quality due to human factors, such as discharging sand when mixing time is not enough.

◆ RTC automatically records data in sand mixing process such as time, batch number, set compactibility value, revised compactibility value, water amount of each batch, measured compactibility value of each batch, set and measured value of green compression strength, adjusted bentonite value of each batch, machine fault diagnosis, record and maintenance method instruction. These raw data provides correct information to process staff for process analysis and is convenient for equipment management and maintenance staff.

◆ Number of workers in sand mixing process can be significantly reduced.

Equipment characteristics: :

◆The set compactibility value can be revised immediately according to actual temperature of used sand and field configuration such as the transportation distance of prepared sand. RTC will control the mixer to realize revised compactibility.

◆ High control accuracy of compactibility and green compression strength: after many years’ application and improvement, RTC has high accuracy in control of compactibility and green compression strength – compactibility is set value ±2%, green compression strength is set value ±10%.

◆ ontrol of compactibility measurement accuracy: the compactibility should be controlled to a range rather than a certain value. The design of RTC software has taken the relationship of control accuracy and mixing efficiency (for example, water amount decreases step by step, acceptable limit of measured value expends) into consideration. Thus it is able to control the compactibility of 98% of the mold sand to set value ±2%. Such accuracy is difficult to reach by other similar products.

◆ Adjust and control additives filling: base on measurement result of green compression strength, RTC will control the additives filling system in next batch to adjust quantity of additives. The control accuracy of green compression strength is greatly related to accuracy of existing weighing system and bentonite quality. If these two elements can be controlled very well, the green compression strength can be controlled to set value ±5℅~8℅.

Return sand temperature measurement
Green compression strength measurement
Compactibility measurement
Water quantity adjustment
Additives quantity adjustment